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What Does it Cost to Hire ArcUrb?

Hiring a professional like ArcUrb is no different than hiring a doctor, dentist or accountant.  These people are professionals working in your best interest.  As professionals we must fully analyze your individual situation to provide you with the services tailored to your specific needs.  At ArcUrb we will evaluate each project independently and address its complexities to ensure a successful outcome.  It is at this point we can fully inform you of all the services and the associated costs.  Most architects have a breakdown of fees based on services required for each project.  You may require the full range of services or only selected components.  Typically the cost of hiring an architect for full services will be 8 to 12% of the construction costs.  Having ArcUrb on your project should keep costs in check since we can design any project to maximize efficiencies in energy and design.