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Interior Design Services 
ARCURB can offer various packages of interior design services to suit your particular situation and budget.  Some of the interior design services available are described on this page.  We are happy to consult with our clients and tailor our services for them.
Programming and Space Planning
ARCURB will review and discuss your requirements for the project (how many rooms, the function of spaces, etc.) and evaluate the fit between your needs, wants and budget.  We will then create a computerized space plan that will balance efficient functioning with attractive design.  Our space planning covers both the built in components of a space, furniture placement and circulation within the space.
Furniture and Finish Selection and Specification 
ARCURB can assist clients with determining the appropriate furniture and finish selections for their specific application, whether a private residence, condominium common areas or commercial installation.  We will work with your existing furniture to design a new layout, updated with select additions.
Art Selection and Procurement 
ARCURB can assist clients with finding the right artwork to complement and enhance the interior design of the space.  We will work within your budget to obtain pieces of art that complete your space.