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Do I Really Need to Hire an Architect?
Yes!  Any project that involves changes to Mechanical (A/C), Electrical, Plumbing, Structural or Building Envelope requires a permit.  Don't let any contractor tell you that you don't need a permit for your project if it affects one of these areas!  In fact a permit is required based on the value of the work to be done and the best way to determine that is by calling your local municipality.  Most municipalities require that projects have signed and sealed drawings for permit application by a licensed professional.  It is for the client's protection to have a licensed professional prepare and seal the drawings so that you know matters of life safety and code compliance have been addressed.
ArcUrb can make your experience easier by looking out for your interests in dealing with local agencies and contractors by following the project's progress and verifying that it is being constructed according to the plans.  Using an architect for your design adds value to your property because good design is timeless and will be a lasting enhancement to the property.  We at ArcUrb are problem solvers by training and it is also our passion so let us help you get the best project for your needs.