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Architectural Design Services
It all starts with a consultation.  We always have an initial meeting on site to review your ideas for the project and assess the physical conditions that exist.  After that we will prepare a proposal customized to the needs of your project.
Programming / Deciding What to Build

     ARCURB will review and discuss your requirements for the project (how many rooms, the function of spaces, etc.) and evaluate the fit between your needs, wants and budget.

Schematic Design / Rough Sketches

     ARCURB will prepare a series of rough sketches, known as schematic design, which show the general arrangement of spaces and configuration of the site.

Design Development / Refining the Design

     ARCURB will prepare more detailed drawings illustrating specific characteristics of the design.  Floor plans will show all spaces or rooms in the correct size, configuration and shape.  All major materials and room finishes will be organized and selected clarifying your ideas with the alotted budgetary constraints.

Construction Documents / Permit Plans

     Once you have approved the designARCURB will prepare detailed drawings and specifications that the contractor will use to establish actual construction costs to build the project.

Additional Services
ARCURB  also offers construction management services that follow the design services phase of a project.  These may be part of the initial proposal or may be a separate arrangement as the project progresses.